Writing is really re-rewriting—making the story better, clearer, truer.'

Robert Lipsyte.

As a freelance writing consultant, I offer a custom service to suit your communication project, from creating full copy, through to editing and proofreading.

Not exactly sure what you need? Have a closer look at my services, or get in touch. I am happy to tailor my skills to your requirements.


With a love for language I offer strength of writing in all forms. My specialised postgraduate training in professional communication, plus extensive legal experience, means I write well. I will help you achieve your communication objectives by delivering engaging, clear and memorable copy for your project. I can write—for your audience, to deliver your message—all types of communication projects, including:

  • media and press releases

  • corporate documents

  • brochures, flyers and catalogues

  • websites

  • reports

  • proposals and submissions

  • newsletters

  • speeches

  • new media.


Good editing can make good copy great. You may have most of your content together, and just be looking for refinement in style and tone. I can help. My editing services range from light to structural, depending on what your project demands. I can tighten the language and logic of your writing, ensuring consistency and clarity in your message.


Nothing spoils your message quite like a stray spelling mistake or misplaced apostrophe. It detracts from your brand credibility. Accurate proofreading helps avoid these awkward moments. Sometimes they are hard to see when you've been working closely on a project. I bring a fine eye to the text to eliminate any errors of grammar, spelling or punctuation, and give you clean, correct copy.