We will work together each step of the way.Once you're ready, I will need some information about your project to get started:

  • Copywriting, editing or proofreading? You may not know for sure, but we can work that out together. It can be useful for you to provide me with a sample of what you have so far so we can assess what will be required.

  • What is it you are producing—a website, report, media release or brochure? I can provide you with templates to help gather and collate your material into the appropriate format.

  • Do you need someone to undertake extra research or background information to inform your project? I can help with that too.

  • How big or small? Do you have a certain word count or document length in mind?

  • How soon do you need it? I can help, even if your deadline is urgent.

From there, I can provide you with a written quote for the project: this will set out the price for reading briefing materials, plus any additional research (if required), writing, and one round of revisions (if necessary).